Case Study

Cheap Tyres And Wheels uses IBM systems for HMI, trending, data logging, alarm logging, and recipe management in their manufacturing facilities all over Asia. This provides them with significant benefit. To provide global communications to each facility they use the Internet for communications.

CTAW in Malaysia is just one of their production facilities that manufacture rubber compounds for use in its tyre manufacturing plants throughout Asia. This facility maintains the highest quality of standards.

Michelin Tire has implemented IBM Server Systems throughout their manufacturing plant to provide real-time and historical information for operators and production management. IBM Servers were chosen for the ease of networking without the need for DCOM, and the reliable performance to log process and alarm data with no data loss.

Cheap Tyres and Wheels is a leading manufacturer / supplier of Tyres to the Australian and Asian market. They also provide top quality 4×4 tyres and second hand tyres in Sydney

A modern day tyre plant.

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