Mozilla and Foxconn Team Up for a Firefox OS Tablet

Tech junkies are in for a treat as a rumored Firefox OS Tablet is on its way this June 3. Mozilla and Foxconn have started inviting the press for the device’s debut resulting in mixed reactions from the public and the whole tablet industry.

According to Focus Taiwan, the rumored gadget which stars the press invites distributed by the two companies is most likely to be a tablet. The unveiling is said to take place on June 3 though news of the venue is not yet disclosed. With a recent debut of a couple of smartphones running on Firefox OS, rumors have spread far and wide that Mozilla has been developing a tablet that runs on the very same operating system.

Geeksphone, a small Spanish company has begun selling the Firefox OS run smartphones since April. This release is said to make interested parties and companies to start building apps for Firefox OS.

When asked why Firefox is suddenly considering developing its very own operating system, tech experts say that such move is the most logical and sensible. “Firefox isn’t allowed on iOS, and it’s not the default on Android, which means Mozilla has little leverage in charting the course of the Web. So, it makes sense that the company is partnering with manufacturers and looking to jump into making its own devices,” according to CNet journalist Dara Kerr.

This goes to show that Firefox has very little impact in the fast growing mobile market. However, it has still managed to win allies such as LG Electronics, China Unicom, America Movil, ZTE, and Deutsche Telekom. In an event at the Mobile World Congress, Mozilla has also announced that it has convinced over 18 mobile network providers to support its open-source mobile OS.

News on the debut event of the rumored Firefox OS Tablet is still on its way.

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